Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle: The Collection

$14.60 $16.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Hardcastle

Title: The Collection
Label: Trippin & Rhythm

From the elusive hit maker and studio wiz Paul Hardcastle comes this definitive collection of some of his finest works in a set that will invigorate his passionate legion on fans and includes two new tracks and soon to be hits "The Circle" and "Dancing Lights".

1.1 The Circle
1.2 Dancing Lights
1.3 Northern Lights
1.4 You May Be Gone
1.5 Slomotion
1.6 Acoustic Dreams
1.7 Ventura Highway
1.8 Desire
1.9 Valley of the Harps
1.10 Moments in Time
1.11 Moon Trekin
1.12 Return of the Rainman
1.13 Loves Theme
1.14 Journey

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