Paul Harrison: Fingerprints

Paul Harrison: Fingerprints
Title: Fingerprints
Label: CD Baby

The Album Fingerprints is a concept of music themes, tracing back feelings, and experiences of place, time, person and mood. The Album was recorded in my bedroom in a tower block using a computer and music software, using various acoustic and electric instruments'. I like to record and write spontaneously and go with the idea rather than having it over polished as a piece.

1.1 I Need Your Love
1.2 Fingerprints
1.3 Cold Air
1.4 School Run
1.5 Fly High
1.6 All Things Fall
1.7 Every Day I Die
1.8 Mr Public
1.9 Days End
1.10 Secret Place
1.11 Watchful Servants
1.12 Single Vision

Paul Harrison: Fingerprints

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