Perzonal War

Perzonal War: Inside The New Time Chaoz

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Perzonal War

Artist: Perzonal War
Title: Inside The New Time Chaoz
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing of this 2016 release. It is done - for 20 years Perzonal War has been raging in the German metal underground - and this should be a reason to celebrate: Inside The New Time Chaoz is their 20th anniversary release. The record contains 11 tracks from the band's early period (5 songs from the album The Inside (1998) and 6 songs from the second one Newtimechaos (2000)). Both albums have been sold out for a long time and had never been released outside of Germany; so the band decided to re-record some songs in the current line-up. The tracks have basically the same vibe like the originals - on the other hand they got some new energy and fresh arrangements and sound like Perzonal War in 2016.

1.1 The Inside
1.2 D.O.P
1.3 God ; Evil
1.4 Hornet
1.5 Putrefaction of Mind
1.6 New Time Bitch
1.7 Nothing Remains at All
1.8 Area Black
1.9 Voices
1.10 Mother Darkness
1.11 Dying Times

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