Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger: Folksinger's Guitar Guide 1: An Instruction Record

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pete Seeger

Title: Folksinger's Guitar Guide 1: An Instruction Record
Label: Folkways Records

Icon of the American folk music revival Pete Seeger teaches folk guitar through a detailed written instruction guide (included in the liner notes) which accompanies in-depth teaching and classic folk song examples on the album itself. He advises: "... if you enjoy playing the guitar, you shouldn't think of it as practicing, in the formal sense. Rather, simply play for your own enjoyment..."

1.1 Tuning Up
1.2 The First Chord
1.3 Two More Chords
1.4 Use of the Capo
1.5 Methods of Strumming
1.6 Bass Runs
1.7 Bass Countermelody
1.8 A: The 'Church Lick' B: 'Hammering On'
1.9 The Blues
1.10 Two Finger Plucking
1.11 Other Tunings
1.12 A Hint of Flamenco
1.13 A Rhumba Rhythm
1.14 The Mexican Blues

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