Peter Bjargo

Peter Bjargo: The Translucency Of Mind's Decay

$18.91 $21.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 01/14/2022
Artist: Peter Bjargo

Title: The Translucency Of Mind's Decay
Label: Cyclic Law
Product Type: VINYL LP

Written and recorded during 2020, a year marked by forced quarantine with in turn proved to be a prolific time for musical composition. It is an album about change, aging and the fading memories one has, often more of a product of the current state of a person than an accurate description of those remembered moments. With age we tend to forget or lose contact with particular moments and parts of our own story and context become erased forever, as though they never happened. With this album, Peter Bjärgö takes the first steps into something new, bringing along his signature sound from past projects into a slowly evolving transition to a sonic world beyond his previous achievements. Leaning towards a more ethnic, rhythmic sound, integrated with his now trademark melancholic guitar work and deep solemn vocals, these are the first steps to a new horizon he's ceaselessly crafting for our listening pleasure.

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