Peter Schilling: Error In The System

Peter Schilling: Error In The System
Title: Error In The System
Label: Hot Shot / BBR

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the German pop/rock artist's 1983 album. Peter Schilling's debut album Error In The System actually arrived a year earlier in Germany (Fehler I'm System) (1982) before Elektra released the record in English. What is even more surprising is the durability the record had given how fleeting new wave pop could be in terms of commercial presence. 'Major Tom' may have provided Peter with the best hook to gain an international audience but the album boasted even more melodic (and melancholic) anthems. 'Only Dreams', 'Lifetime Guarantee' and 'I Have No Desire' are also highlights. A biting criticism of the U. S. A. 's inflated capitalism of the 1980s, the lyrics are easy to overlook given how upbeat the song sounds. It's this dichotomy that elevates the album from being defined by 'Major Tom', Peter Schilling's only release with international success. This expanded edition features a wealth of bonus tracks, including original versions from the album's German release as well as 12" mixes of 'Major Tom' and the albums second single 'Die Wuste Lebt - The Noah Plan'. Features liner notes by Discussion Magazine's Stephen SPAZ Schnee including a brand new interview with remixer John Luongo.

1.1 Only Dreams
1.2 Lifetime Guarantee
1.3 The Noah Plan
1.4 Error in the System
1.5 Major Tom (Coming Home)
1.6 Major Tom, Part 2
1.7 Let's Play (U.S.A.)
1.8 I Have No Desire
1.9 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
1.10 Major Tom (Coming Home) (12" Special Extended Version)
1.11 Die Wuste Lebt (12" Remix)
1.12 Fehler Im System
1.13 Fast Allies Konstruiert
1.14 ... Dann Trugt Der Schein
1.15 Ich Hab Keine Lust
1.16 U.S.A
1.17 Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)
1.18 Major Tom (Coming Home) (Special Instrumental Version)

Peter Schilling: Error In The System

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