Phil Lewis Quartet

Phil Lewis Quartet: Bitter Suite

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Artist: Phil Lewis Quartet
Title: Bitter Suite

The Bitter Suite is a narrative - songs arranged in sequence to tell a story. If you know the lyrics to these tunes, you can follow the story along quite literally (well, except for "Max Back," a line loosely based on "Mack the Knife"). Otherwise I would hope the Suite spins a different kind of tale - an emotional narrative, you might say. It's an old and familiar story of love and loss. It's a story that, as I lived it, each of these songs spoke to me; and as they germinated in my heart, they came to embody a particular moment in time. The other songs in this collection are in no particular order. They are tunes that I love, and that I love playing with this great band. I only hope the deep feeling I have for this music comes across in the hearing. -PL.

1.1 Prelude to a Dream
1.2 Nica's Dream
1.3 Nature Boy
1.4 My Foolish Heart
1.5 The Bitter Suite: You Don't Know What Love Is
1.6 The Bitter Suite: I Wished on the Moon
1.7 The Bitter Suite: Time After Time
1.8 The Bitter Suite: Max Back (Knifey Wifey)
1.9 The Bitter Suite: Here's That Rainy Day
1.10 The Shadow of Your Smile
1.11 Hey Roach

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