Phil Morgan & Pam Family: Amen

Phil Morgan & Pam Family: Amen
Title: Amen
Label: CD Baby

For our 13th CD, we pulled out all the stops! Take top studio musicians, throw in a full choir, orchestra and horn section, turn them loose on 10 of Phil's new songs, and the results are over the top! Rich family harmony throughout, and as always, the powerful message comes through loud and clear. The musical journey starts with our daughter, Kayla, taking the lead on a 'Keith Urban' style modern country rocker entitled Every Last One. Listen for that tight family harmony! Next up is Pam along with a full choir on a black gospel flavored title cut, Amen. Toes will tap - guaranteed. Phil comes in third with a powerful ballad When All I Have Is Jesus. Excellent message that just keeps growing and growing. By the end you'll be on your feet. The only song not written my Phil and friends is the classic hymn He Hideth My Soul, done here is a new a cappella arrangement. No overdubs, just three voices in beautiful harmony. Phil is constantly experimenting with writing different musical styles, and Incredible is his first step into the praise and worship movement. The choir is back to make this a moving reflection on God's goodness. Since we were married back in the 1980s, what could be more appropriate than an 80s flavored love ballad? With shades of classic REO Speedwagon, I Thank God For You is a tribute our love (without the big hair and parachute pants). A long time concert favorite, Create In Me is finally available on CD! You asked for it, you got it! Pack you bags, we're headed down to Louisiana for some Dixieland music! Don't let the fun instrumentation fool you, When Gabriel Blows My Blues Away is one cleverly written tune. Phil says he can always tell a great song when Pam cries the first time she hears it. Not only did Pam cry, Kayla did too when hearing God Always Leads His Own. Pam's intimate vocals accompanied by Phil's unique piano stylings (and a beautiful cello solo by award winning multi-instrumentalist David Johnson) will touch your heart for sure. Kayla's pure voice is a perfect match for The Cinderella Song, a stirring reflection on love lost and found. Milton Smith leads the orchestra in an arrangement fit for the finest Disney musical. This one is just lush! Wait for the choir to come in - ahhh! (Trivia time - that lush choir is just one person, our talented producer Benton Stokes singing all the parts over and over again!) The CD is almost over, but the party is just gearing up. Phil brings in the high energy Love This Living For The Lord, followed by a reprise of Amen for a big ending to a very fun CD! What a minute, is that a surprise at the very end?? You'll have to wait and see. Amen is our latest CD, with something for everybody. We can't wait for you to hear it!!!

1.1 Every Last One
1.2 Amen
1.3 When All I Have Is Jesus
1.4 He Hideth My Soul
1.5 Incredible
1.6 I Thank God for You
1.7 Create in Me
1.8 When Gabriel Blows My Blues Away
1.9 God Always Leads His Own
1.10 The Cinderella Song
1.11 Love This Living for the Lord
1.12 One More Amen

Phil Morgan & Pam Family: Amen

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