Wayland Pickard

Wayland Pickard: Polyester the Musical

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Artist: Wayland Pickard

Artist: Wayland Pickard
Title: Polyester the Musical

1.1 Together As Friends
1.2 A Howard Johnson's in Green Bay
1.3 I Want You, But I Hurt You
1.4 I Watch You Cause I Love You
1.5 No More Men
1.6 My Little Man-Child
1.7 The Funk Train
1.8 Remember the Good Times We Had
1.9 Synchronistic Dancin'
1.10 Bump Your Booty Rump
1.11 Tough Love
1.12 You Yank My Chain
1.13 The War on Love
1.14 Run Groundhog Run
1.15 Mindy's Song
1.16 Better Together
1.17 Medley - Reprise

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