Phil Thornton

Phil Thornton: The Collection 1990-2020

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Phil Thornton

Title: The Collection 1990-2020
Label: New World Music

A keen sorcerer of sonic visions, Phil has written and produced over 50 solo albums to date, as well as many best selling collaborations, with combined sales of over two million albums worldwide. An acclaimed master of the synthesiser, a highly talented multi instrumentalist and Innovative producer, his adventurous and seductive compositions ring out with a tremendous 'journey' quality evoking rich exotic soundscapes. Phil has over the last 30 years been travelling the world, collaborating with performers and musicians at home and on location, resulting in a wide variety of material.

1.1 Eagle Dream (Dreamscapes)
1.2 Footsteps - First Light (Coastal Moods)
1.3 Summer Solstice (Short Version) (Solstice)
1.4 The Brigands Song (Light of the Forest Moon)
1.5 A Travellers Dream (Dreamscapes)
1.6 Resolution (New Mix) (Tibetan Meditation)
1.7 Rejuvenation (Short Version) (Rejuvenation)
1.8 Gathering Dreams (New Remix) (Between Two Worlds)
1.9 Heart of Green: Dietera Dreams (New Remix) (Rhythm of the Rainforest)
1.10 Visions from the Homeworld (Short Version) (Alien Encounter)
1.11 Return of the Sun (New Remix) (Light of the Forest Moon)
1.12 On the Transit of Venus (Enchanted Egypt)
1.13 Yah Wahley (Tribale)

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