Philip Michael Davis

Philip Michael Davis: Got New Wheels

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Title: Got New Wheels
Label: CD Baby

GOT NEW WHEELS Music to Travel By Two years in the making, Got New Wheels by Philip Michael Davis is the latest release of his five, richly innovative, fully orchestrated instrumental recordings that showcase the ability of Philip Michael Davis to merge his Jazz, New Age, Classical, & Cinematic musical background into a collage of tonality and texture deserving recognition. This really is electro-fusion in it's truest form. As the name suggests, this is Music to Travel By. Whether you are driving in your car, biking with an iPod or traveling in spirit only, Got New Wheels will make the trip a new musical journey well worth traveling. ************** Philip Michael Davis lives in the mountains of Utah where his studio windows look out to pines and an occasional moose wondering by. He started working with Moog Synthesizers in 1969 and had one of the first Series III Synthesizers that Moog had ever produced. Right from the start, he realized the extraordinary potential of this, at times, controversial new instrument. It played only one line of music at a time making it a challenge to combine the unlimited variations of notes and sounds into real music. By combining a series of oscillators and filters and the use of a multi track tape recorder (8 tracks at the time) a new universe opened to composition. The $5000 investment for a synthesizer, which he soon modified into a live performance instrument, led him on a musical trip throughout Europe with the famed Gil Evans Jazz Group. Soon after his return to the states, came LA stage productions of Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar and eventually to do Broadway productions of Sgt. Pepper and other Broadway musicals in New York. He has worked with Paul McCartney on the album 'Ram', George Harrison, David Gates, Disney productions, numerous film scores, commercials, news formats, and now his own compositions. On this recording of Got New Wheels Music to Travel By, Philip Michael Davis is the sole producer and musician. By using the versatile Roland XP-80 Synthesizer, he has achieved a splendid balance of Jazz, Sophisticated New Age and electro-fusion.

1.1 Skating on Cobblestones
1.2 Smooth As Glass
1.3 Night Vision
1.4 50 MPH in the Fast Lane
1.5 Access to An Adventure
1.6 Quebec City
1.7 Just Before Dawn
1.8 Wheels of Fortune
1.9 Dreams of Cumulous Nimbus
1.10 Tail Winds
1.11 The Road-Less Travel
1.12 Miles of Mist
1.13 Sanctuary of Seduction
1.14 Beyond the Bridge

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