Pierre Hantai: Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas Vol.6

Pierre Hantai: Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas Vol.6
Title: Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas Vol.6
Label: Mirare

Domenico Scarlatti was born in 1685 - the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. Only a small fraction of his compositions were published during his lifetime; his 555 keyboard Sonatas were published long after his death. These virtuosic single movement works display remarkable harmonic originality. Pierre Hantaï is recognized as one of the most notable harpsichordists of his generation. The previous five volumes of his dazzling cycle of Scarlatti Sonatas received strong critical acclaim. This long-awaited sixth volume continues to set a new standard for these works.

1.1 Longo 379 in a Minor
1.2 Longo 281 in F minor
1.3 Longo 324 in C Major
1.4 Longo 173 in F minor
1.5 Longo 163 in D Major
1.6 Longo 282 in C Major
1.7 Longo 135 in a Major
1.8 Longo 452 in C minor
1.9 Longo 285 in G Major
1.10 Longo 497 B Flat Major
1.11 Longo 274 in C Major
1.12 Longo 466 in E Major

Pierre Hantai: Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas Vol.6

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