Pinky Pinky

Pinky Pinky: Turkey Dinner

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pinky Pinky

Title: Turkey Dinner
Label: Innovative Leisure
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Pinky Pinky have good gut instincts. During an era of limitless distractions, societal pressures and sonic trends, the three best friends are focused on being happy and blissfully on the outside of all that noise. The trio grew up together in Los Angeles and there's a shared understanding of what makes them all tick. Together with her punk cohorts Anastasia Sanchez (vocalist/drummer, 20), guitarist Isabelle Fields (19), and bassist Eva Chambers (19)have a clear understanding that Pinky Pinky's modus operandi is in not overthinking their decisions. You can hear that on their debut album, 'Turkey Dinner' due on Innovative Leisure. It follows their two prior EPs, most recently 2018's 'Hot Tears'. Their first full-length, however, is even freer than their previous efforts. It's a patchwork quilt of garage rock and oddball indie. It's rooted in classic bass, drums, guitar, but it's bolstered by the perspectives of a trio of LA youths writing about their everyday observations, anxieties and passions. For instance, My Friend Sean is a young fantasy about the dreamiest boy in class, Mystery Sedan is an LA story about a car being the only thing therein times of distress, Lady Dancer is about a stripper at a bikini bar in Los Feliz.

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