Plastic Machines

Plastic Machines: Mourning in the Afernoon

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Product Type: CD

Title: Mourning in the Afernoon
Label: CD Baby

What happens when a mid-40s guy who has always loved rock, college-rock, alt-rock, indie-rock and more decides to sit down to write and record music for the first time in his life? The answer is obviously, this album. I always thought I had a few good songs rattling around in my head and that I should let them out. Thanks to a DIY ethic (I played all instruments and sang all vocals) and the ability to make a little home computer my music studio, I was able to create this batch of rocking songs and discover who I was musically. And I had a great time doing it too. So, enjoy my efforts if you will. I may not have the most beautiful pipes or the fastest fingers, but if you like catchy, rocking, modern songs, I think you'll like what you find.

1.1 Invented Love
1.2 L.I.A.R
1.3 Lost and Found
1.4 Why
1.5 My Secret
1.6 So in Love
1.7 Mourning in the Afternoon
1.8 Amazing Grace
1.9 Part of the Game
1.10 When I Look in Your Eyes
1.11 I'm Wrong
1.12 Lonely Now

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