Pollock / Cygnus Ensemble

Pollock / Cygnus Ensemble: Entertwined

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Product Type: CD

Title: Entertwined
Label: Furious Artisans

Cygnus releases "Entertwined: Compositions by Robert Pollock from 5 Decades", featuring guitarist William Anderson, Cygnus, and the NJ Percussion Ensemble. The album begins with "Revolution", commissioned for the US bicentennial, and from there, traces Pollock's remarkable development. Pollock's voice is as distinct as his sound world featuring plucked strings and percussion. Paul Griffiths, in The NY Times, reviewed the NY premiere of Pollock's work for tutti Cygnus, saying, "Robert Pollock's luscious "Cygnature Piece,"... full of beautiful blendings, empty of expressive cliche, splendid and sonorous..." Robert Pollock is a critically acclaimed pianist and composer, awards including NEA, Guggenheim, ISCM. He toured the world with the Cygnus Ensemble, the NJ Percussion Ensemble, and as a concert pianist. He has been and remains a tireless proponent of the music of his contemporaries, founding the Composers Guild of New Jersey and Ebb & Flow Arts in Hawai'i.

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