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Preacher's Wife: Burn

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Artist: Preacher's Wife

Title: Burn
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Preacher's Wife Band: In 2010 the lives of three unique musicians united as Tracee Lee Davidson, Mike Godsey and Thomas Bettini, realized that they had something incredibly God-inspired between them. This launched the extraordinary beginning of Preacher's Wife. Writing original music that is organic, exclusive, and adds an innovative twist to mainstream worship music, Preacher's Wife has a distinct sound and states publicly how radically powerful God really is. Tracee Lee Davidson - Vocals/Piano Putting a bio of myself is quite an interesting task - to help give you more insight to the craziness of what I call L-I-F-E, for starters, I have lived in 37 houses! It hasn't made me crazy yet, but I wouldn't mind if I never saw another cardboard box again. Lol! My life started off in St. Paul, MN - I was only there the first year of my life while my dad finished Bible College. I managed to survive a MN winter - weighing in at 10lb 6oz. helped. From there we headed to Ohio where my mom and dad pastored there for several years and then we started the journey that will explain why I've lived in so many houses. That journey was the life of a missionary kid. I loved every single minute of it. My overseas adventure began in the Canary Islands (off the coast of Africa but owned by Spain). After 3 years there we headed to the mainland of Spain where I spent the rest of my childhood/teen years. While my parents lived in Valencia, Spain my Junior and Senior year in H.S., I was given the option to home school or go to boarding school. If you know me, home school was totally NOT for me being the social butterfly I am, so I chose boarding school in Kandern, Germany. It was a phenomenal experience!! Throughout this cultural experience, I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old. It was a huge dream of mine so when I started playing, there literally was no stopping me. I had already started my singing career at the age of 3, of course, sadly, it didn't last too long due to me never wanting to return the microphone to my dad when he'd let me have the opportunity to sing in church....he would have to pry the mic out of my hands. So, that soon ended my singing career in which I picked back up by the age of 6 while going to church, to the store, to friends houses - everything we did and everywhere we went I put into a song. I am sure I drove my family insane with my hit song titled, "I'm going downtown!" I guess you could say I've been a songwriter my entire life. As a little girl, I had a strong and unstoppable desire to create music and sing, so strong that I would find myself playing the piano for 4 hours a day. I knew, without question, it was my destiny and pursued it with great intensity. In the quest of this dream, it also brought me to a fervent relationship with my heavenly Father. The most eye-opening moment I had with Him as a child that set me up for my life was at the age of 9. Peer pressure affected me during my tween years/early teen years and quieted my stand for God but with another powerful encounter with Him at the age of 14, it was a done deal. Knowing who I was in Christ and who I wanted to become in Him, there was no stopping me. My adult years started off by finding the love of my life, Mark - or I really should say, he found me. Wait - he didn't find me, he chased me down! We had known each other as MK's (missionary kids). He grew up in Ireland. We married in 1990 and together we mastered the art of beauty by creating 3 phenomenal children - Caleb, Faith and Jacob. They bring more joy to my life than I could have ever possibly imagined. Enabling their dreams is a great joy in my life. In the 90's, is when God began opening up doors in my life that was the beginning of His dreams coming alive in me. By '98, I was given the awesome opportunity to lead worship for the Oklahoma Women's Ministries Women's Convention, in which I was able to do through 2000 as well as leading worship for the Oklahoma Assemblies of God Youth Camp for several years. From there, we moved to Dublin, Ireland, (okay, so you can being to see why I dislike cardboard boxes) where we went as missionaries to plant churches and help with a National Youth Ministry. The worship experience continued where I led worship for Youth and College and Career Retreats, Intercession Meetings and regular Sunday services. We eventually returned to the US - but that is where things in my life began to change. I had spent my entire life singing within the 4 walls of the church. Loving every minute of the experience and the doors that God had opened up in my life but while we were in Ireland - I literally had a life-changing encounter with God that forever messed my life up - and I mean 'messed up' in positive way. I realized that I couldn't spend my whole entire life within the 4 walls but had to begin to stretch my borders of comfort and the world I knew, and begin to shine like the stars in the night into the world. From that one evening with the love of my life, Jesus, I went on a journey of writing songs I had never written. From that one God encounter, I've never been the same. My greatest passion in life outside of my God, my husband, my children, is using the power of music that God has given to me to bring a positive impact to the lives of those listening which leads me to where I am now. Today, my husband and I are Lead Pastors at the most amazing church ever - The Bridge Church in Bristol, TN. I am also the Worship Pastor and the Youth Pastor - okay, I'm not done yet...haha! And, I'm the Director of Girls Ministry for the TN District Assemblies of God in Nashville. I have continued doing worship events, conferences, retreats, speaking, singing across this state and beyond. My passion is being a contagious lover of God, living the life He's given me to the absolute fullest, singing my heart out, speaking and making those around laugh - being real and being motivated to live out every dream I've ever dreamed because with God there are no limits to how great your dreams are. You get one life to live here on earth...give it your fullest and best! Projects I have done: Women in Worship CD, Integrity Worship CD Shine with Brian Doerksen and Tracee Lee Intimate Worship Acoustic CD 2009. Thomas Bettini - Bass I was born in a cross-fire hurricane............. Just kidding! I was born in Johnson City Tennessee in 1960. I graduated Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1978. I have always loved music, being exposed to it from birth; everything from classical and show tunes to jazz and rock n roll. I started playing bass in 1975. I love bass. In my house are so many basses that I don't know how many there actually are anymore. There is one six string guitar. It is not mine. My first live, paying gig was in 1976. I gave up a career in law to be a professional musician in 1977. My mother threw me out in 1978. Parts of my family dis-owned me. The lawyers in my family wouldn't even acknowledge what I did for a living. As a teenager, I didn't get clothes for Christmas........I got bass strings (THANX MOM!). I didn't get a car for graduation, I got a left handed Rickenbacker and walked to practice (THANX DAD!). During those years between 1981-1990 I played in many, many road bands, living in conditions that were sub-human/sub-poverty because I loved music so much. I knew it would pay off eventually. I played for the rock group Jackyl from 1987-2000. During those years, I recorded bass tracks on the first 4 studio albums, the first live album, the Beavis & Butthead Experience soundtrack, the Woodstock II soundtrack. Several of the recordings went gold, platinum and even multi-platinum. Jackyl set 2 Guiness world records. The first record was 100 shows in 50 days. The second was 21 Sets in 24 Hours. Yes, you read it right....21 forty minute sets in 24 hours! This was in the middle of the 100 shows in 50 days. We played Woodstock II (1994) in front of 325,000 people. What a rush! We toured with Aerosmith, Ted N

1.1 Burn
1.2 Fly
1.3 Won't Hold Back
1.4 I Will Follow You
1.5 Dangerous God
1.6 The Hammer (We Win)
1.7 More
1.8 Once Upon a Time
1.9 You Spoke
1.10 My Heart
1.11 Not Alone
1.12 O Holy Night

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