Prince Cat-Eyez

Prince Cat-Eyez: The Cat-Astrophe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Prince Cat-Eyez

Title: The Cat-Astrophe
Label: CD Baby

Prince Cat-Eyez is definitely a new breed of MC. Dubbed hip-hop\'s \'Ghetto Prince Charming\' he encourages individuality and breathes a breath of realism into his music. His distinguishable vocals and in-your-face lyrics have turned many heads. His music and opinions have graced various internet radio shows. He has been a regular guest star on Milo Management\'s Showcases, the Homo Revolution Tour, and headlined the Pretty Thugs Tour 2008 with Foxxjazell, Pam Jones, and Diamond D.I.V.A. Traveling and performing from L.A. to Boston, to Atlanta, to Miami, and back again, he shares his vision of hip hop with the masses. He has graced the music videos of Melange LaVonne and Foxxjazell for various channels like Logo. Prince Cat-Eyez aims to help erase homophobia from rap music by challenging the stereotypes. An ex-gang member, Cat classifies himself as a Pretty Thug, meaning he has street smarts with a glamorous edge. He sheds light on the fact that LGBT people come from the ghetto too, and can do anything that their heterosexual counterparts can, often times even better. His debut album \'The Cat-Astrophe\' is a reflection of triumph among struggle with playful yet baffling wordplay that amaze people everytime they hear him.

1.1 Cat-Astrophe
1.2 Let the Beat Knock
1.3 No Bet Chill
1.4 Striptease Featuring Bigg Nugg
1.5 Downlow Tricks
1.6 Posted Featuring Dela Cruz
1.7 Friday Night
1.8 If I
1.9 Sweet 420
1.10 Homothug Chicos Featuring Salvimex
1.11 Murder He Spoke
1.12 Unfuquittable
1.13 Pretty Thugz Featuring Foxxjazell
1.14 I Love You
1.15 Kitty Box
1.16 Mouth Write a Check Featuring Yega Masta and Bone Intell
1.17 Sixty-Nine Ways
1.18 N.I.N.O
1.19 Bash Back Featuring Melange Lavonne and Tori Fixx
1.20 Chasing Dreams
1.21 Inquiring Minds

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