Prong: Zero Days

Prong: Zero Days
Title: Zero Days
Label: Steamhammer

After the massive tour with OBITUARY and EXODUS in Europe, the band went back to the studio for another studio album. Just days after mixing was completed, Prong went on another massive tour with TESTAMENT and SEPULTURA in North America and will release the first single by the beginning of June Zero Days is Prong at their very best. The sheer intensity and ferocity of the tracks leaves the listener gasping for air. It is hard to find a weak spot here, notably Victor mentions that sequencing the album was a difficult task; every song is so strong in it's own way. Again produced by Tommy Victor, this time with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co producer and engineer, Zero Days also broadens the horizon sonically.

1.1 However It May End
1.2 Zero Days
1.3 Off the Grid
1.4 Divide and Conquer
1.5 Forced Into Tolerance
1.6 Interbeing
1.7 Blood Out of Stone
1.8 Operation of the Moral Law
1.9 The Whispers
1.10 Self Righteous Indignation
1.11 Rulers of the Collective
1.12 Compulsive Future Projection
1.13 Wasting of the Dawn
1.14 Reasons to Be Fearful

Prong: Zero Days

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