Public Enemy

Public Enemy: Fear of a Black Planet

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Public Enemy

Title: Fear of a Black Planet
Label: Def Jam

1.1 Contract on the World Love Jam (Instrumental
1.2 Brothers Gonna Work It Out
1.3 911 Is a Joke
1.4 Incident at 66.6 FM (Instrumental)
1.5 Welcome to the Terrordome
1.6 Meet the G That Killed Me
1.7 Pollywanacraka
1.8 Anti-Nigger Machine
1.9 Burn Hollywood Burn
1.10 Power to the People
1.11 Who Stole the Soul
1.12 Fear of a Black Planet
1.13 Revolutionary Generation
1.14 Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man
1.15 Reggie Jax
1.16 Leave This Off Your Fu*Kin Charts (Instrumental)
1.17 B Side Wins Again
1.18 War at 33 1/3
1.19 Final Count of the Collision Between Us and the Damned (Instrumental)
1.20 Fight the Power

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