Push: Your Worst Nightmare

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Push

Title: Your Worst Nightmare
Label: CD Baby

The night beckons, and you respond. The portal opens a gateway to your desires, and you step through the veil of smoke. Your senses come alive as nostrils fill with the familiar scents of whiskey & stale perfume, the loud voices and mumbled conversations caress your ears - your favorite club. Darkness hangs over the scene like a shroud. The stage seems like a vast empty void of blackness, aching to be filled with the power that is rock-n-roll. The crowd presses in, sensing the imminent rush as they are suddenly hit with blinding light, and sound explodes into the room. Searing guitars, thumping bass, and pounding drums grab hold of the audience, they crush in toward the stage as a single entity. Then he arrives, the High Priest of Glamour, the Reverend of Hard Rock. The vocals rip through the sound completing the crescendo, a rock and roll revival is in full swing, Push has taken the stage.... Push was formed in October of 1996 with two things in mind: Hard Rock & Freak Show. Wanting to express their emotions musically, as well as visually they Push the envelope without fear of limitations or convention. Known for their theatrical attire during live performances, Push is unique and stands out in the San Francisco East Bay rock scene. Their audiences always leave performances craving more of the experience. Push is proving to the industry that they have what it takes to entertain, shock and amaze a diverse array of audiences. Their act is continuously evolving always offering something new & fresh in every performance. The goal is for the culmination of all these efforts eventually resulting in extensive touring, producing hit records for a major label and world wide recognition. This is their driving ambition & greatest wish.

1.1 Crank Shaft
1.2 Shadow
1.3 Low N Cold
1.4 Push
1.5 Fast Love
1.6 Free
1.7 Bathroom Floor
1.8 Bad Horsie
1.9 How Do You Like Me Now
1.10 Savage Garden

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