Putumayo Presents: Yoga Lounge

Putumayo Presents: Yoga Lounge
Title: Yoga Lounge
Label: Putumayo World Music

A transportive musical journey weaving together world instruments, light electronica, ambient grooves and enchanting mantras to soothe body and spirit. The CD includes detailed liner notes and artist photos. Featuring Bahramji, Jai Uttal, Donna de Lory, DJ Drez, Niraj Chag, Maneesh de Moor, Reema Datta, All India Radio, Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band, Stevin McNamara, Mirabai Ceiba and MC Yogi.

1.1 Dreamcatcher (Bahramji)
1.2 Rama Bolo (Jai Uttal)
1.3 Om Tare Tuttare (Donna de Lory)
1.4 Nectar Drop (DJ Drez)
1.5 Sapano Se Pucho (Niraj Chag)
1.6 Cosmic Flow (Maneesh de Moor)
1.7 Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra (Reema Datta)
1.8 Evening Star (Early Mix) (All India Radio)
1.9 Peace Song (Putumayo Version) (Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band)
1.10 Prajna's Dream - Remix (Stevin McNamara)
1.11 Ra Ma Da Sa (Mirabai Ceiba)
1.12 Shanti (Peace Out) (MC Yogi)

Putumayo Presents: Yoga Lounge

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