Rabbit: Mango Overheat

Rabbit: Mango Overheat
Title: Mango Overheat
Label: CD Baby

Imaginative, original and thought-provoking, solo electronica artist Rabbit (aka Ivan Chan) a Melbourne Australian boy who burst to prominence by going back to his hometown Malaysia by grabbing the Best New English Artist and Best English Album awards at AIM 2001 the local version of the Grammies. All this is the result of his first album, Tales Of The Nocturnal Man. Released under acclaimed indie label Positive Tone, it was lauded by critics, fellow artistes and industry veterans alike for producing an international-quality sound that broke away from the rest of the Malaysian pop market. Despite producing his entire album in his home studio, Rabbit has also generated rave-reviews for his live sets with imaginative renditions of his own songs as well as astutely-selected and eclectic covers. Now with the release of his new album Mango Overheat which has won a nomination for Best English Album for AIM 2007 Rabbit will further suprise fans with his original and mind blowing musical style. A mix of electro, rock and pop this album certainly bring new heights adding a new textures and sounds to his catalogue of music.Truely Inspiring...

1.1 What I Like About Sin
1.2 Mango Overheat
1.3 Eclipse of the Sun
1.4 Funny Feelings
1.5 Lose Control
1.6 Moving on
1.7 Fallen Again
1.8 My Mind
1.9 Morning Light
1.10 Obsession

Rabbit: Mango Overheat

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