Raging Nathans & Pizzatramp

Raging Nathans & Pizzatramp: Split

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Artist: Raging Nathans & Pizzatramp
Title: Split
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

The Raging Nathans from Dayton, Ohio channel their self-destruction and angst-ridden glory into another split 7", this time with UK party punks Pizzatramp, a three piece, three chord skate punk band from South Wales. Self described "Split 7 Kings of DIY Punk", The Raging Nathans contributes two songs that they cut from their upcoming LP "Cheap Fame" specifically for this record. Pizzatramp also contributes two new, unreleased songs influenced by Black Flag, pizza and beer. It's not often that two bands come together on one split that mesh so well. Wonderful one minute, thrash, skate noise-punk paired with ripping solos, catchy riffs and lyrics make for a teeth grinding, heart pounding, 45 RPM trip around the turntable.

1.1 I Self Destruct
1.2 We Don't Talk
1.3 Beast
1.4 Rag N Bone

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