Ragnar Grippe: Sand

Ragnar Grippe: Sand
Title: Sand
Label: Dais
Product Type: VINYL LP

Since it's original release in 1977, Ragnar Grippe's seminal debut album entitled "Sand" has been adorned with immense praise and influenced a myriad of ambient musicians and minimalist composers. Grippe's unique approach of bonding post-modern classical composition into the tape techniques of musique concrète allowed him to be one of the leading experimental electronic musicians of the late 20th century.In the early 1970's, Grippe had struck up a close friendship with French avant-garde minimalist Luc Ferrari. It was under Ferrari's direction and guidance that the young Grippe started to build a shared experimental music studio, aptly named l'Atelier de la Libération Musicale (ALM), in which Ferrari shared his knowledge and instrumental supplies, thus forging Grippe's implementation of harmonic tone within the confines of musique concrete.Grippe was asked to compose a composition that was to be played during Viswanadhan Velu's Sand painting exhibition at the Galerie Shandar, the avant-garde art gallery and home to the Shandar record label, which would release Grippe's debut Sand album in 1977. This release would be the first official album that would start Grippe's career as a modern avant-garde composer and electronic musician.

1.1 Sand Pt. 1 - Ragnar Grippe
1.2 Sand Pt. 2 - Ragnar Grippe

Ragnar Grippe: Sand

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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