Ramona Borthwick

Ramona Borthwick: New Leaf

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Artist: Ramona Borthwick
Title: New Leaf

'A New Leaf' is pianist-composer Ramona Borthwick's debut CD offering as a leader. Featuring Ramona (piano, voice), Noel Borthwick (guitar), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Fernando Huergo (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums) and Esperanza Spalding (voice), this all-original CD effuses an unusual cohesion, depth & beauty. While rooted in the jazz tradition, Ramona's well-crafted, lyrical and richly textured compositions reflect influences that range from ECM jazz, latin music and even a hint of spice from her native India. A compelling and distinctive CD release from a fresh new voice. *** Reviews*** 'On this new CD, Ramona Borthwick's first, she displays a wonderful talent for composition and imagination in the various settings she chose for the pieces. Her playing is also creative and energetic. If this is her first installment, we can eagerly keep track of Ramona's coming chapters. Something nice is developing here.' -KENNY WERNER, pianist, composer, author ''A New Leaf' is at turns melodious, swinging, emotional and cool... Brimming with energy and good vibes, the compositions are first rate. Shape shifting and extremely warm, 'A New Leaf' is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end, and marks a terrific and important debut album from a fine composer and player. Most certainly, Ramona Borthwick is someone to watch.' -BUDD KOPPMAN, All About Jazz 'Ramona Borthwick has made a major statement with this superb initial release.' -BILLBOARD.com 'Ramona Borthwick brings us a set of new music which pushes the boundaries both harmonically and rhythmically. The result is a fresh and creative disc that is not for the faint of heart. This is a great recording and I hope many get a chance to hear it and buy it!' -JazzRadio247.com 'Borthwick displays an amazing talent for composition. Her fellow musicians bring the music to a level that is rarely shown on a debut release.' -JAZZREVIEW.com 'Borthwick enters the jazz arena with a debut album that well crosses the developmental curve of compositional design. Providing extended chord structures through intelligent tempo and meter changes, Ramona spins original and creative melody lines that keep me engaged from the beginning to the end. She can play piano with emotion then revert to fire... The use of the voice as instrument on several tracks reveals pure genius. 'A New Leaf' provides a profile of the many styles in Ramona's repertoire, which seems to be without limit. The more I listen... The more I find in this treasure. This album which stands as one of the most significant releases of 2006... and to think... it's only the beginning!' -drmike, MICHAEL MATHENY, host, radioioJAZZ 'Here's a fantastic recording by pianist/singer Ramona Borthwick. All her own compositions, the tunes are rich, lush, and highly emotional. All the musicians play beautifully together and Ramona's playing is very much her own. The tracks are interesting and entertaining, and the recording sound itself is excellent. Bravo!' -JACK WILKINS 'Ramona approaches jazz as a communicator of this her idiom, she brings wit, intellect, and joy to her listening audiences' -The Musicians Ombudsman '...a truly accomplished, "all encompassing" artist... ' -altriSuoni.org.

1.1 A New Leaf
1.2 Garbarero
1.3 Two S Complement
1.4 Home
1.5 Latin Quarter
1.6 Dark Secrets of Three Blind Mice
1.7 Baarah Sur
1.8 Lifelines
1.9 Lotus Lake
1.10 Indian Summer
1.11 Ottawa Thaw

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