Raw-Way: Serious Grind

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Artist: Raw-Way

Artist: Raw-Way
Title: Serious Grind

Shawn 'Raw-Way' Jordan began his rapping career as a youngster coming up under his brothers Don Juan and Plai Boi, who had been rapping and working towards buying their own music equipment. Raw-Way used to sneak on the equipment, practice on his own until he got good enough to show his brothers he had skills. When they seen how good he was they then began working together. They performed attalent shows, hosted parties, competed in free style contests and started a label in 2004 called Slaughterhouse Entertainment. Slaughterhouse Entertainment released five mixed tapes and an album 'Stress Music' by label mate Cridie Mac in 2005. And after pushing Raw-Way's single 'On It', it is time for Raw-Way to release a true family jewel 'Serious Grind'. Be on the look out for a follow up DVD of the album also.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Act Hard (Feat. T Huzzy)
1.3 Get Back (Feat. Tommy D ; Money Bags)
1.4 Like Me
1.5 Dat Don't Mean Nuttin
1.6 I'm on It (Feat. Plai Boi)
1.7 Take Over Interlude
1.8 Deal Wit It (I'm the Boss)
1.9 Rain
1.10 Freak Off (Feat. Oliver Twist ; T Huzzy)
1.11 Doe Low (Feat. Tommy D)
1.12 Dat Work
1.13 Bust Off (Feat. Tommy D)
1.14 On Fire
1.15 Bad Man (Feat. Paul Clark)
1.16 Oh ! (Feat. Oliver Twist ; J Drews)
1.17 On and on (Feat. Oliver Twist)
1.18 Serious Grind (Feat. Cridie Mac
1.19 Outro

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