Ray Kiker

Ray Kiker: If Jesus Had a Guitar

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ray Kiker

Title: If Jesus Had a Guitar
Label: CD Baby

ATTENTION 'SINGERS'. The music tracts that are used in this album are for sale. Not many publishers will release the original sound tracts for sale. But for a limited time, the tracts to 'If Jesus Had A Guitar', are for sale at 'If Jesus Had A Guitar' (music only). However, let us know if you plan to record any of the songs where we can give you permission. Ray sang country music in clubs and bars in Oklahoma City for about five years before dedicating his life to jesus at a fouth of july celebration with phil driskel in concert. As fireworks filled the sky and the 300 member choir sang, ray sat on a hill overlooking the event and bowed his head and gave his life to jesus christ. Returning home that night he looked through his song book and threw away all the crying, dying, lying songs he was singing. Soon he began writing uplifting and spiritual songs to questions he had in his life, such as what would jesus do in certain situations if he were living in this world today. What kind of music would he play? what kind of instrument would he play? and where would he play? this music album is a product of ray's life at that time. Ray now lives in Dallas, Texas and has recorded his third nationally released album. God keeps blessing ray each day with people, places and things to enrich his life as he presses toward the mark. If you've read this far, read on. We have a new web site in Norway, you may not be able to read norwegan, but there's a lot of pictures and Music. Go to countrygospel. No Thanks to Monica Waade, Norway.

1.1 This Man Is Called Jesus
1.2 I Found the Nail
1.3 On the T.V. Lays the Bible
1.4 If Jesus Had a Guitar
1.5 Let the Power of the Lord Come Down
1.6 I Called on Jesus
1.7 No Sin
1.8 When There's No Other Way
1.9 Wine Into Water
1.10 Holy Ghost Ho-Down
1.11 If We Never Meet Again

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