Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe: Bees & Zombies

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Artist: Rebecca Loebe

Artist: Rebecca Loebe
Title: Bees & Zombies

The Bees & Zombies EP is a 7-song EP featuring a few tunes orphaned by last year's full length "Mystery Prize," as well as the first studio demo of that tune, the winning remixes from last spring's "Land & Sea-mix" competition and an original protest showtune about the disappearing bee crisis as it relates to the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

1.1 10,000 Days
1.2 The Bees
1.3 Stronger
1.4 Land ; Sea [Torley Remix]
1.5 Land ; Sea [J-Noooo Remix]
1.6 Land ; Sea [Chris Atkins Remix]
1.7 Mystery Prize [Original Demo]
1.8 Polar Bears in the Snow By Raina Rose
1.9 The Bees Reprise [Says Levi]

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