Red Step

Red Step: The Red Stop

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Red Step

Title: The Red Stop
Label: Pravda Records

Assembled in 2015 in Serbia's capital city, The Red Step is a powerful gathering of notable Belgrade music figures: keyboardist Boris Eftovski, bassist Rudolf Cibulski, and drummer Vladimir Markoski, all hailing from the longstanding Serbian garage rock band Kazna za uši. Londoner Sarah Jane Seatherton also joins The Red Step on cello, and Tobias handles vocals and guitar. In addition, Boris and Vladimir are current members of the Black Heart Procession lineup, and Vladimir has played drums with Andre Williams. Beyond Tobias's work with The Black Heart Procession, he has recorded with indie rock legends Blonde Redhead, and he played the piano on what became the "Evil Morty" theme from the hit TV show Rick and Morty. He has also played with Bauhaus bassist David J. The Red Step's eponymous debut album will be released December 11 of this year, and the first single "Black Summer" (coming October 2) is the perfect introduction to the band's dynamic mix of energetic garage rock, post punk gloom, and world weary lyrics. The album is underscored by Balkan-inflected drums, keyboards, and bass, all blended into a beautiful unease by Anglo-American guitar, vocals, and cello. It's the ultimate sound of east meets west, a mix of sunbaked desert despair and overcast Balkan melancholy. Further singles to look out for this autumn are "Reset," a call against stasis and a primal scream for vitality, "Before the Storm," a slow burner with a bitter edge, and "For the Dead," a haunting song of resignation and regret

1.1 For the Dead
1.2 A Nice Way to End
1.3 Black Summer
1.4 Reset
1.5 Before the Storm
1.6 The Harvest
1.7 We Live on High
1.8 Temporary Loss
1.9 After the Sun
1.10 The Ghosts of Our Beginning
1.11 Through the Seasons

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