Reginald Dunn

Reginald Dunn: Stringed Instruments & Organs

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Artist: Reginald Dunn

Artist: Reginald Dunn
Title: Stringed Instruments & Organs

Growing up at New Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, CA, there was always a reading of Psalm 150 during Devotion (the precursor to Praise and Worship). This chapter admonishes us to praise God however we knew how. It always moved me to hear the fourth and fifth verses: '4 - Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise Him with stringed instruments and organs. 5 - Praise Him upon the loud cymbals: praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals.' I was doing just fine when they started with verse one. Sure, let's praise God in the sanctuary - that's all well and good. But when they got to stringed instruments and organs, WOOOOOOO THANK YUH!! It was over! Then they threw the cymbals in there. DUDE!! I was all about music as a kid. It moved me, so any reference to it turned me on like nothing else. Hearing that verse was it for me. Thanks to God, Sheree Dunn, John Immel, Joel Newton, David Pigue, Rich Smith and Tim Hayes.

1.1 Rise
1.2 Stringed Instruments ; Organs
1.3 Samba for Sheree
1.4 Release Me
1.5 Tho' Down
1.6 Song for My Mother
1.7 Fly Away
1.8 Come Along
1.9 Thisthat
1.10 Star-Spangled Banner

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