Rich West Blatt & the Once in a While Sky

Rich West Blatt & the Once in a While Sky: Once in a While Sky

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Artist: Rich West Blatt & the Once in a While Sky
Title: Once in a While Sky

Beautifully imagined and exquisitely rendered, Rich West Blatt & the Once in a While Sky introduces a powerful new voice in Portland's Americana music scene. The five songs on the disc display the varied talents of singer-songwriter Rich West Blatt, a noted musician, producer and engineer who has risen in stature since arriving in the Pacific Northwest five years ago. Culled from sessions featuring some of Portland's finest players, the songs please and challenge both the listener and fantastic musicians who make up Mr. Blatt's new band. East coast raised, soaked in Bruce Springsteen, (and maybe a little Bon Jovi...); tempered by years freelancing in the Detroit music scene then transplanted to Portland Oregon, Rich West Blatt's wistful songwriting captures the longing and regret of being human in a style reminiscent of Ryan Adams, Gram Parsons and Steve Earle. He has been compared to early Big Star, Tom Petty and Vic Chestnutt.

1.1 Jail Free Card
1.2 Window
1.3 What I Do
1.4 Stella
1.5 Butterfly

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