Rick Ruggiero

Rick Ruggiero: Steel Horse Cowboy

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Artist: Rick Ruggiero

Artist: Rick Ruggiero
Title: Steel Horse Cowboy

My music has it's roots in traditional Country, but it has Rock and Blues influences. Mostly based on real life experiences, my songs are written using a descriptive style that will enable the listener to visualize the story being told, even if it is an up-tempo, fun song. Each song is entirely different from the others. There is something for everyone: fast songs, slow songs, fun songs and reflective songs. I've had people tell me that they 'love to listen to 'Raised On Johnny And Hank'' while they are driving to get them in a good mood, or ' 'Mississippi Mockingbird' is such a beautiful song,' or 'Every time I hear 'Not Die In Vain,' I can't help crying.' It's what Country music does!

1.1 Steel Horse Cowboy
1.2 One Shovel at a Time
1.3 Mississippi Mockingbird
1.4 Raised on Johnny and Hank
1.5 Not Die in Vain

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