Robin Trower: The Playful Heart

Robin Trower: The Playful Heart
Title: The Playful Heart
Label: V-12 Records

The latest studio recording by one of Rock/Blues legendary guitarists. Recorded with his touring band, produced by long-time musical cohort Livingston Brown, these eleven new songs show a more introspective Robin Trower. The guitar work alone requires that any aspiring player have this CD in his collection, and the loyal fans will all need a copy.

1.1 The Playful Heart
1.2 Don't Look Back
1.3 The Turning
1.4 Dressed in Gold
1.5 Find Me
1.6 Song for Those Who Fell
1.7 Maybe I Can Be a Friend
1.8 Prince of Shattered Dreams
1.9 Camille
1.10 Not Inside - Outside
1.11 And We Shall Call It Love

Robin Trower: The Playful Heart

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