Rock River Gypsies

Rock River Gypsies: At Long Last

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Artist: Rock River Gypsies
Title: At Long Last

The Rock River Gypsies were long-suffering with a form of musical multiple personality disorder, adhering to the traditional forms of bluegrass and jazz within the same musical sentence. With their new album, 'At Long Last,' they have forged a sound for themselves, while paying homage to those traditions which wrought them: A little more Rock 'n' Roll, a little more Soul. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the Gypsies have grown from a bar band whose goal it was to get the joint flat-footing, to a regional act who still wants to see you dance. Every member of the Gypsies contributes his or her unique voice both in harmonies and in songwriting, and the result is a rollicking pastiche of bluegrass, rock, and jazz that never fails to entertain. Performing together for six years now, the Gypsies originally met at informal jam sessions at The College of William and Mary.

1.1 Camel Cigarettes
1.2 Hey Anne
1.3 Who Sold Louisiana?
1.4 Great Escape
1.5 Island in the Sky
1.6 Cup of Me
1.7 Brain in a Box
1.8 Virginia Sweetwater Girl
1.9 Give Me a Push
1.10 Lunatic
1.11 Aquarium Eyes
1.12 Let Me See It
1.13 At Long Last

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