Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs: T.R.C. Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rocking Chairs

Title: T.R.C. Live
Label: CD Baby

This live, DOUBLE, album is dedicated to the hardest working, lowest paid roadie in the world! Sometimes in your musical career, magic happens on a particular night, at a particular gig. For The Rocking Chairs, one of those occasions happened on August 28th, 2010 at the band's Annual Benefit Concert/Street Dance. This double live album captures just some of the concert moments that occurred that night....and it's all here: the laughter, the excitement in the audience, even the foibles ...and the great moments: from the tremendous back and forth licks that Ron and Bobby trade, to the laughter with a guitar mishap in the middle of a song, to the many improvisations not rehearsed beforehand, to just good old driving rock and roll. Joining regular TRC members Ron Barale, Jim Lusby, Mike Lusby, and Craig Pursley were: Bobby C, guitarist and vocalist, and Josh Sawyer, drummer. Together, with an almost 4 hour set at hand, and a group of fans that are second to none, 14 live songs have been culled and mixed for your listening pleasure. In addition, 3 bonus original studio tracks have been added to make this double album brimming with rock and roll. We hope that you will sense the excitement of that night. The Band: Ron Barale - Lead+Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Jim Lusby - Bass Guitar/Vocals Mike Lusby - Drums/Vocals Craig Pursley - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Bobby C (Robert Caffey) - Lead+Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Josh Sawyer - Drums Johnny Dennett: Head Roadie and Sound Assistant Produced by TRC Engineered by: Ron Barale Art Design: Mike Lusby, Nancy Lusby Photography credits: Amy Wright, Kelly White, Joe McQuenney, Nancy Lusby, Stephanie Gully Osbrink The Rocking Chairs: We are a group of Baby Boomer rock and rollers who grew up listening to and playing music during the British Invasion, and good old rock and roll of the 60's and 70's. What began as a 'jam-session'.......turned into an'ob-session', with gigs opening up all over the country and Liverpool, England. Promoters have us asked if we could tour Germany and Italy also.....we just need the time off from work. The Rocking Chairs' musical backgrounds go all the way back as far as 1964 when we formed our first bands back in California and Nebraska. To poke a little fun at our advancing years, we decided to call ourselves The Rocking Chairs. Our musical influences include the classic rock of the 60s and 70s - including The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Creedence, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Grand Funk, and Cream. Give a listen and see if you agree with our ever growing fan base - that this is good music and lot of fun.

1.1 Johnny B Goode
1.2 Born on the Bayou
1.3 Magic Jack
1.4 Bad Boy
1.5 Shame, Shame, Shame
1.6 Roll Over Beethoven
1.7 H.C.T.A.N.S
1.8 Footstompin' Music
2.1 All Right Now
2.2 Red House
2.3 Slow Down
2.4 Rocky Mountain Way
2.5 Rock and Roll
2.6 You Really Got Me
2.7 When We Get There
2.8 Please Remember Me
2.9 Is That All You Got?

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