Roger Eno: In a Room

Roger Eno: In a Room
Title: In a Room
Label: Materiali Sonori Imp

Composed by Roger Eno. CD includes tracks for solo piano. All pieces are executed with the usual class of a trio. Orio Odori, Damiano Puliti and Alessandra Garosi, who are proving to be the most fresh and original interpreters of new post-modern in Europe. Materiali Sonori. 2005.

1.1 Classical Music for Those with No Memory (4th Movement)
1.2 Accordian Music
1.3 Lyric
1.4 Interlude
1.5 A Moment
1.6 The Perfumed Garden
1.7 The Dappled Wood
1.8 A-Typical Waltz
1.9 The First Eastern Promise
1.10 Spring River
1.11 In a Room Where Nothing Happens
1.12 An Excursion
1.13 Slow Waltz
1.14 Alhambra
1.15 Translucent Tressillo
1.16 A Dance with No People (Aromatic Tango)

Roger Eno: In a Room

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