Roman Leykam

Roman Leykam: Veiled

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Artist: Roman Leykam

Artist: Roman Leykam
Title: Veiled

After several Leykam/Mark-releases resp. Recent Birke/Leykam/Panasenko-CD\'s Roman Leykam (electric guitars / guitar-synths) now presents his first solo CD: »VEILED«. Meditative as well as bizarre, unpredictable sound-voyages into the wideness, fragile sound-sculptures apart the commerce, improvised walks through unsecured terrain.

1.1 Embraced
1.2 Nature in the Raw
1.3 Crowded Day
1.4 Aimless
1.5 Peering Into the Distance
1.6 Burning in the Afterglow
1.7 Lucid Interval
1.8 Hoodwink
1.9 Fossilized
1.10 The Key to the Mystery
1.11 At First Light
1.12 Be Revealed
1.13 Captivating
1.14 Cupboard Love
1.15 Haunting

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