Ronit Kirchman

Ronit Kirchman: Skin I'm in (Original Score)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ronit Kirchman

Title: Skin I'm in (Original Score)
Label: CD Baby

Music for The Skin I'm In, a film by Broderick Fox music composed, produced, orchestrated and conducted by Ronit Kirchman orchestra recorded by Michael Greene / music editor - Scott Johnson / score mixer - Mike Roskelley mastered by Ronit Kirchman and Scott Johnson from composer Ronit Kirchman: 'The Skin I'm In is a hero's journey, and it offers us the fruits of return: courage, clearer seeing, transformation, increased self-knowledge, and reverence for a universe of connectedness that is inherently sacred. Creating the music for this film has felt like a sacred journey of it's own. There was much love, devotion and refined attention poured into the process by everyone involved. It was a pure joy for me to meet Brody in the mystery of artistic collaboration and find the language of this truly unique, complex, subtle and compelling film. At the heart of Brody's story, there is both great simplicity and great expansiveness- in other words, great humanity. It takes an intense and gentle strength to honor the path of self-discovery. I hope that our work will resonate near and far, awakening the inner artist healer to find renewal and self-expression through the embrace of process. Now crank up those speakers!' from director Broderick Fox: 'Making The Skin I'm In was a largely solitary endeavor for close to six years. It was thrilling to discover Ronit's music and to get the opportunity to collaborate with her. She took an intimate, quiet and sometimes painful story and showed me that The Skin I'm In was worthy of a strong musical voice. Ronit's score brings together electronic, orchestral, and sampled layers in surprising ways, taking a small film to some very big places. I was perpetually amazed by our ability to communicate on intellectual, emotional, musical and intuitive levels. Thanks Ronit, and may the Goddess we invoked continue to beat her drum with all her might.'

1.1 0.47
1.2 Future Ancestors (Suite)
1.3 Ether Body
1.4 Ocd
1.5 The Unbelievable Lightness of Boyhood
1.6 Silence = Death
1.7 Talking Around Pictures
1.8 Back and Blueprint
1.9 Pain Game
1.10 Disappearing Body
1.11 From Berlin with Love (Suite)
1.12 Thrill Me
1.13 Intimacy, Meet Rick
1.14 Whatever
1.15 The End in the Beginning
1.16 The Power of Choice
1.17 Numinous Newness
1.18 A Woman Knows
1.19 I See Myself
1.20 The Big Party
1.21 Thirsty for Heroes
1.22 Now!!!
1.23 True Mirrors
1.24 Embodied (To Live Life Is to Be Free)
1.25 Fuck It - Broderick Fox

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