Roy Buchanan: Deluxe Edition

Roy Buchanan: Deluxe Edition
Title: Deluxe Edition
Label: Alligator Records

This compilation includes essential recordings from Roy Buchanan. Digitally remastered in 20-bit audio. Deluxe edition packaging includes never-before-published photos and a special mini-poster insert, in addition to a fully annotated booklet.

1.1 Peter Gunn
1.2 That Did It
1.3 Chicago Smokeshop
1.4 Mrs. Pressure
1.5 Ain't No Business
1.6 Blues for Jimmy Nolen
1.7 A Nickel and a Nail
1.8 Matthew
1.9 You Can't Judge a Book By the Ccover
1.10 Beer Drinking Woman
1.11 Flash Chordin'
1.12 These Arms of Mine
1.13 Whiplash
1.14 When a Guitar Plays the Blues
1.15 Hawaiian Punch
1.16 The Last Word

Roy Buchanan: Deluxe Edition

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