Rudy Green

Rudy Green: Wild Life-The Lost Album

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Rudy Green

Artist: Rudy Green
Title: Wild Life-The Lost Album
Product Type: VINYL LP

In 1988, I was contacted by Jonas Bernholm to co-produce a Rudy Green LP for his "Whisky, Women, And..." subsidiary. Sixteen tracks were selected from Rudy's twelve issued singles and were sent for remastering, and the catalogue number was registered (KM-705), but the much-anticipated volume never materialized; the burgeoning CD revolution took off with a vengeance, Jonas decided to get out of the music business and the project was shelved. Now, this exciting El Toro LP finally makes available this legendary "lost album" which was planned over twenty years ago but never saw the light of day!"

1.1 Love Is a Pain
1.2 Meet Me Baby
1.3 The Letter
1.4 Teeny Weeny Baby
1.5 Cool Lovin' Mama
1.6 You're the One for Me
1.7 You Mean Everything to Me
1.8 Evil Man Blues
1.9 No Need of Your Crying
1.10 I Had a Feeling
1.11 It's You I Love
1.12 Queer Feelin'
1.13 Juicy Fruit
1.14 Highway No.1
1.15 My Mumblin' Baby
1.16 Deep in My Heart

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