Sabicas: Flamenco on Fire

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sabicas

Title: Flamenco on Fire
Label: Essential Media Mod

Sabicas (born: Agustin Castellon Campos) was respectfully known as "the king of Flamenco." Credited as the first guitarist to take flamenco out of Spain, Sabicas toured the world, amazing audiences with his technical abilities, lightning-fast speed and "perfect" tone. This classic session was among the first recordings to bring him recognition in the US.

1.1 Guajira - Cana de Azucar
1.2 Ritmos Del Paraguay
1.3 Danza Arabe - Damasco
1.4 Fantasia Inca
1.5 Farruca - Con Salero y Garbo
1.6 Fantasia Militar - El Sitio de Zaragoza
1.7 Verdiales - Puerto de Malaga
1.8 Sevillanas
1.9 Carcelera - Reflejo Andaluz
1.10 Castellana - Nostalgia Castellana
1.11 Cana de Azucar
1.12 Con Garbo y Salero
1.13 Reflejo Andaluz
1.14 Puerto de Malaga
1.15 Damasco

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