Sacred Paws

Sacred Paws: Run Around The Sun

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Artist: Sacred Paws

Artist: Sacred Paws
Title: Run Around The Sun
Product Type: VINYL LP

Sacred Paws have a natural inclination not to take things too seriously. You can hear it all the way through a conversation with it's two members, guitarist Rachel Aggs and drummer Eilidh Rodgers, punctuated by rolls of giggles and thoughtful pauses, and you can hear it in the light touch they bring to their music, a jangly blend of indie pop full of fizzing world rhythms and bright horns. Run Around the Sun brims with upbeat reflections on growing up and looking back. Shimmering guitar riffs dance between snappy beats and swooning melodies that will have crowds committing to far more than a simple head-bob.

1.1 The Conversation
1.2 Almost It
1.3 Life's Too Short
1.4 Shame on Me
1.5 What's So Wrong
1.6 How Far
1.7 Is This Real
1.8 Write This Down
1.9 Brush Your Hair
1.10 Other Side

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