Sage Francis

Sage Francis: Human the Death Dance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sage Francis

Artist: Sage Francis
Title: Human the Death Dance

Rapper, activist and cultural provocateur Sage Francis offers his most personal and fully realized work on his second Anti/Epitaph release. With topics ranging from 9 to 5 cubical madness to addiction to sex and hip-hop, Francis delves into very real issues with wit and intensity. Ewually comfortable in rap battle or a poetry slam, Francis will hit the road this spring with Buck 65 and Alias; a highly anticipated tour for fans of hip-hop and alternative alike.

1.1 Growing Pains
1.2 Underground for Dummies
1.3 Civil Obedience
1.4 Got Up This Morning
1.5 Good Fashion
1.6 Clickety Clack
1.7 Midgets and Giants
1.8 Broccoli Break
1.9 High Step
1.10 Keep Moving
1.11 Water Line
1.12 Black Out on White Night
1.13 Hell of a Year
1.14 Call Me Francois
1.15 Hoofprints in the Sand
1.16 Going Back to Rehab

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