Sammy Blue: Live at the Blue Note West

Sammy Blue: Live at the Blue Note West
Title: Live at the Blue Note West
Label: CD Baby

In the early days of rural Blues, singers entertained local folks and audiences by their song writing, singing and storytelling abilities. One old blues story was the tale of "Mr. Charlie" where a stuttering child who cannot speak clearly tells Mr. Charlie his mill is burning down by singing the news to him. Songwriter Samuel R. Favers, known professionally on stage as Sammy Blue, may be the last of the Blues artists still performing that has that perfect trifecta of singing, songwriting and storytelling. Live At The Blue Note West captures his art in all three categories. While his playing and singing on this CD is obviously for the entire audience, Sammy's storytelling and dialogue often gives each listener the feeling it is directed to them personally. Sammy Blue has performed on three continents over the past 40 years with his band and as a solo artist. For a complete biography of his life and career visit

1.1 Modern Woman
1.2 Reason to Live
1.3 Song Prep
1.4 I've Been Fooled
1.5 A Real Night Club
1.6 Living in Paradise
1.7 Selam's Song
1.8 All You Need
1.9 Find Some Way to Get Along
1.10 Holy Roller
1.11 I Miss You Baby
1.12 This Happened One Night at the Club
1.13 Everythang ; Mo'
1.14 Plastic Surgery, Slide Guitar Players ; a Big Lie
1.15 Day Job
1.16 Walking Woman Blues
1.17 Good Night ; Thanks

Sammy Blue: Live at the Blue Note West

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