Sara Storer

Sara Storer: Calling Me Home-The Best of

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sara Storer

Title: Calling Me Home-The Best of
Label: Universal

Sara Storer has become one of Australia's most celebrated musical storytellers and is now releasing her first Greatest Hits collection. Talk to people about Sara Storer and the same words keep being used: 'real', 'unaffected', 'authentic'. It's partly a way of acknowledging that she's lived the life she sings about - growing up on a farm in Victoria's Mallee, her grandfather a pioneer of the district, then teaching in tiny bush towns in Queensland and the Northern Territory. But authenticity alone doesn't make a great artist. Sara has a hungry writer's eye, her songs full of vivid, telling moments and narratives that seem to drop the listener into a freshly minted world. The voice that tells these tales is open and unguarded; the music seductive yet energised. Her songs speak with great directness and immediacy, as if we had found ourselves on the road, or round the campfire, with the characters of the song. Sara won the Best New Talent award at the 2001 Country Music Awards, and then.

1.1 Buffalo Bill
1.2 Back Out Back
1.3 Beautiful Circle
1.4 Back in the Territory
1.5 Calling Me Home
1.6 Sitting Here with Fay
1.7 Land Cries Out
1.8 What's So Good
1.9 Tears
1.10 Billabong
1.11 Raining on the Plains
1.12 Katherine
1.13 Children of the Gurindji
1.14 Crow
1.15 Drovers Call
1.16 Long Live the Girls
1.17 Angel
1.18 Tell These Hands
1.19 Man Trap
1.20 Lovely Valentine

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