Sauce Boss

Sauce Boss: Hot 'N Heavy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sauce Boss

Title: Hot 'N Heavy
Label: CD Baby

Hot 'N Heavy is Bill "Sauce Boss" Wharton's eleventh CD of his own swampy slide guitar blues. Drummer Justin Headley, and tag team bass players, Robert "Freightrain" Parker, and David "Biscuit" Miller provide a slammin' bottom, making this album, by far, the heaviest yet. Biscuit Miller has played with Lonnie Brooks for decades.Freightrain did a long stint with Florida Harp icon, Rock Bottom. The "Marquis de Swamp" says "Welcome to my habitat" over a sonaral bed of frogs, bugs, and who knows what crawled out of the swamp for this noir party. Wharton threw caution out the window with this album, as "Get Naked and Surf" suggests. Is "Lonesome Rider" a mid life crisis, or just a fond remembrance of one of his long motorcycle odysseys? "That's How It Feels" walks homeless streets, with the singer speaking of the dark alleys of existence. Then "Gonna Be All Right" throws it right in the face of despair and shines a light over it all. "Don't Know How To Tell You" mellows down into a smooth groove like coming home to Mama. The title cut is a salacious double entendre with a raucous back beat suitable for lap dancing. Peppered in amongst the songs are grooves of the gumbo. "Okra", "Andoulle", "Hot Sauce", "Chicken In The Gumbo" give the whole proceedings spice and contrast. After serving free gumbo to over 165,000 hungry fans, after playing and cooking in homeless shelters all over the country, after twenty years on the road, the Sauce Boss is going for it.

1.1 Marquis de Swamp
1.2 Rusty Blues
1.3 Get Naked and Surf
1.4 Okra
1.5 Lonesome Rider
1.6 That's How It Feels
1.7 Gonna Be All Right
1.8 Don't Know How to Tell You
1.9 Hot Sauce
1.10 Crazy Bout Ya Baby
1.11 Andouille
1.12 Old Dog Eared Copy
1.13 Hot 'N Heavy
1.14 Chicken in the Gumbo
1.15 Somewhere Down the Road

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