Scholarman: Free Spirit of a Troubled Soul

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Artist: Scholarman

Artist: Scholarman
Title: Free Spirit of a Troubled Soul

"Free Spirit of a Troubled Soul" or "FSTS" for short is the musical representation of the struggle that the everyday man faces in the attempts to gain more out of life despite the obstacles that cause many to give up. FSTS is soulful hip-hop filled with the joys and pains of growth, improvement, expansion all in the midst of adversity and tribulations. If this sounds appealing, this is the album for you. Album features K-Mynez and Teisha Marie.

1.1 Just Me
1.2 So Explosive
1.3 I Love Hip-Hop Music (Feat. K-Mynez)
1.4 Set Above
1.5 Reap, Sow
1.6 Babydoll
1.7 Hold Me Back
1.8 Hood Stories Vol. 4
1.9 No Where to Run (Feat. K-Mynez)
1.10 Hopes ; Dreams
1.11 Love Potion
1.12 Remember When (Feat. Teisha Marie)

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