Schumann / Berlin Chamber Duo / Gurdal

Schumann / Berlin Chamber Duo / Gurdal: Sonatas By Robert Schumann & Cesar Franck

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sonatas By Robert Schumann & Cesar Franck
Label: Profil - G Haenssler

The Berlin Chamber Duo writes of their new release: "This album with it's Romantic-era programme has been recorded in dedication of our love of the viola and the music of Robert Schumann. The first ever recording on the viola of the Sonata in A minor op. 105 for violin and piano by Robert Schumann is truly a landmark for the viola repertoire and the listening public... The sonata is played on the viola using the same score as for the original violin part. This fact in turn means that the violist is faced with a special technical challenge, which is probably the reason why the sonata has never yet been recorded on the viola... The ideal complement to this sonata is a selection of Lieder by Robert Schumann, songs which can be beautifully interpreted on the viola..." The Berlin Chamber Duo is violist Mate Szucs, who is the principal solo violist of the Berlin Philharmonic, and pianist Michele Yuki Gurdal, who has been performing throughout Europe since she was nine years old.

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