Shadi: You Can't Hear Me

Shadi: You Can&
Title: You Can't Hear Me
Label: Deathbomb Arc
Product Type: CASSETTES

Cassette. Tampa based rapper and experimental producer Shadi has been working with Deathbomb Arc (known for putting out the first releases from Death Grips, JPEGMAFIA, clipping. And many more) since he was 13. He is now out of his teens, still dealing with as Shadi (Shadi Mohamad) puts it "the fuck shit" of being a North African and Western Asian young man in conservative America. On his debut album, his rage is only topped by his intense level of focus and unrelenting bars. Combining his non-stop hunger for rapping with a production choices that pull from wild sources of go-go music, power electronics, and psych rock; the results being something truly other worldly. As otherworldly as the fuck shit he is forced to deal with every day.

1.1 Young Mohamad
1.2 Lord Mohamad
1.3 Would You Mind
1.4 Dollars in the Sea
1.5 Keys 2 Love
1.6 The Way It Goes
1.7 Blood Diamonds
1.8 Dancing with the Devil's Daughter
1.9 Only Thing Guaranteed Is Death
1.10 Poem for Mom
1.11 iPhone

Shadi: You Can't Hear Me

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