Shameless Plug

Shameless Plug: Unending Praise

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Shameless Plug

Title: Unending Praise
Label: CD Baby

Sometimes a band's name means nothing. But for Shameless Plug, their name means everything. A shameless plug is an unashamed advertisement of something you believe in or support. You could have a shameless plug for your nephew's science fair, your daughter's Girl Scout cookies, or your best friend's birthday party. You're not getting paid to do it, but you're SO proud that you want to boast, show off, recommend, and get everybody to hear about it. Everybody. We thought, 'What better thing to brag about, boast in, and celebrate than the Name of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord and Savior?' Through our lives, we should be worshiping our one true living God! What Shameless Plug aims to do is not bring attention to ourselves. Rather, we want to advertise the worthiness of God! The only one to receive glory and recognition is the One who gave it all for us through His Son Jesus! So we decided to record our debut album - to put a sound to this idea of "Shameless Plug" and to have a representation of this kind of unashamed worship. Ultimately, we want Shameless Plug and this CD to blatantly and proudly boast in nothing else but the Name of Jesus. That's the only catch. The ONLY reason we exist is to worship and praise the grandness and sovereignty of God. That's our shameless plug. We hope that it will be yours too!

1.1 Unending Praise
1.2 Only You
1.3 Nothing But the Blood
1.4 All to You
1.5 You Are Greater
1.6 Here Today
1.7 One Thing Remains
1.8 Prepare the Way
1.9 Christ Is
1.10 He Has Overcome
1.11 Here I Stand

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